Recent Testimonials

Andrea S

 Laura, This is fantastic! Thank you so much. I'll certainly keep you in mind for future work as I continue my job hunt and recommend your work to friends. This has been a great experience. Thank you, Andrea S 

Keith A

Recently, I was presented with an opportunity that required a complete revamp and revision of my resume to  meet a very short fused deadline. I  learned from a fellow military professional that Laura had done a great job updating and reformatting his resume and so I turned to her for help. My professional career spans over 45 years in both the civilian and military fields. It was no easy task, but Laura did a superb job with a one day turnaround that allowed me to submit my resume within the prescribed deadline. She was professional, approachable and was able to work closely with me to create an effective resume. She was a pleasure to work with and has my highest recommendation. Sincerely, Keith A

Beth A

I've known Laura for years and with every single interaction we have she continually displays her incredible wizardry of words. Whether it's a simple email greeting, or a very complex subject, she always has a beautiful way to express ideas. Her words flow so fluidly she makes it look easy, which we all know it is NOT! That's why Laura's work is so valuable. Her talents go beyond the written word too -- she will help anyone needing life coaching as well. She is truly thoughtful and caring. That along with her experience and education, she will help guide you to a better life experience. The minute you start the process, you will know you are in good hands with Laura.