Recommended Resources

Alan Ashley

Buddhist coach Alan Ashley is familiar with a range of coaching stage models, although in practice he finds the key issue to be fully present to the client. He draws on Clean Language and other techniques from NLP, myths and archetypal psychology, mindfulness practices and psychosynthesis.

Rebecca Dussault

US Olympian and mother Rebecca Dussault coaches women to integrate health and fitness for body and soul into their busy daily lives. She teaches easy methods tailored for moms to be revitalized for the hardest vocation, that of mothering.

Chalid Hainsch

Coaching for Muslims from Muslims. Chalid Hainsch of Muslim Coach helps Muslims develop themselves - to become better people and better Muslims. Islamic Coaching helps people in this development and gives people guidance based on Islamic values.

Kate Hepburn

Kate Hepburn of is a revert Muslimah with a love of all things simple and natural trying to live a healthier life for the sake of Allah and passionate about trying to help others do the same.  She is all about SIMPLICITY and that believes that the solution to making healthy food choices lies simply in eating whole natural food the way Allah created it. No stress. No complexity. No fad diets.  No overwhelm. No food police. 

Vy Anh Ky

Vy Anh Ky of Amour Acupuncture runs an amazing practice in New Orleans and is divinely inspired as a hands on healer. With her unique gentle process, the laying on of hands and various stimulating materials such as music, light, oil and stones, Vy Anh is able to move people to deeper understanding of their higher selves via the power of love.

Vanessa Simpkins

Vanessa Simpkins has created the 10k in 30 Day Sky Rocket Your Confidence and Cash Flow System™ – a series of 10 important inner and outer business building steps every coach, consultant, healer and sole practitioner needs to apply in order to get out of her own way and sky rocket her cash flow in record time.